Welcome to our Proforma Safety Survey: Is Safety Embedded In Your Culture?

This is a sample survey developed by Proforma Safety LLC. The questions in this survey will start you thinking about where gaps may exist in your own safety processes and models the kinds of surveys that we can develop for you. You may want to assess the current state of your safety program and how your employees, contractors, or subcontractors perceive the challenges at the worksite or within your organization. Whether sampling a global population or a local team, we can help you gather the information you need.

All responses are tallied electronically and we'll provide a report of results. We'll also give you recommendations for steps you can take to address any findings from the results.

If we design a survey for your organization, we'll develop it in partnership with you or designated representatives with all questions fully customized to your particular situation. The survey can be made accessible by a unique URL and does not require you to load on your own servers.

You're welcome to contact Proforma Safety LLC at proforma@proformasafety.com with your safety needs.

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Management's Attitude Toward Safety

Managers are seen as approachable and most employees feel they can candidly express their views on safety issues, strategy, policies and procedures. *

Supervisors are seen as approachable and most employees feel they can candidly express their views on safety issues, strategy, policies and procedures. *

How willing are employees to follow their manager's or supervisor's instructions regarding safety? *

Do managers and supervisors encourage employees to constantly improve how they do things? *

The company's leaders are very focused on safety. *

Where do company leaders focus their efforts -- on safety-related goals or short-term business goals? *

Leaders, managers and supervisors encourage a well thought out safety approach to performing our work. They encourage creativity and risk taking in finding safer ways to do things. *

Organization's Attitude Toward Safety

In informal conversations around the organization what is the attitude towards safety? *

Does the organization dwell on mistakes and engage in blaming behaviors, or does it learn and move on? *

Do employees voluntarily, actively and enthusiastically participate in solving safety problems and looking for better ways of doing things?

How proud do employees feel about the safety performance of this organization? *

Managing Conflict

How does this organization deal with safety problems? *

How well do departments communicate and work together? *

Contact Information

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